101 Reasons Why You Should Visit Philippines

“It’s more fun in the Philippines”, that’s what most people say. It has already been a byword not only of the “Pinoys” but also by the foreigners who have visited the country where the most hospitable and loving people lived.

A country of more or less 7,000 islands was blessed to have a rich natural resources. It has a wide expanse of breathtaking beaches where you can enjoy different water sports that will surely take your breath away.

Philippines is the home of some exotic cities, provinces and municipalities where you can find exotic and fabulous, beautiful places that will give you the most unforgettable experience of your life. The three big Islands that made up the whole country, namely, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao have their own special features to offer.

Located at the south of Manila is Boracay. It is the recipient of the best island in the world given by the International Travel Magazine. It is also a favorite destination of local and foreign nationalities because of the white sandy beaches that sprawled the whole island.

manilaThere are cities worth visiting because of its historical stories that will never be forgotten. These cities include Manila, Cebu, Bohol, Davao, Zamboanga ad many more.

Another good reason why you have to visit Philippines is the culture of the “Pinoys”. They are known for their hospitality. They are friendly, charming and respectful.

The Filipino cuisine offers the best food. They have the best delicacies that will surely melt your heart away. They have the refreshing halo-halo, sago or gulaman, the lechon, balut, pinakbet, kare-kare are among the favorites.

If you want to shop, The Philippines have the best shopping malls where you can really buy anything at an affordable price. They offer sales and great discounts that will help your budget.